Officiating Weddings, speaking and consulting services: a suggested donation of 2% of the total event or project budget including wedding attire if applicable to an organization on my list or customary fees below

Mon-Fri 9am – 2:30pm

Elopement service $80 plus mileage 15 cents per mile round trip if outside of South Fort Worth/South Arlington. 30 minutes or less no rehearsal, 4 guests or less.

Regular wedding service $100 plus mileage if outside of South Fort Worth/South Arlington

Mon- Fri 2:45pm – 8pm and Saturday 9am to 8pm

$140-$150 plus mileage outside of Burleson/South Fort Worth/South Arlington

Sundays, Holidays and before 9am or after 8pm

Please ask for customary fees which may range between $120-$300 plus mileage. Reduced fees may apply to marathon wedding if easy parking is arranged and overnight stay is not necessary for start time (4 guest maximum does not apply).

I’m also still available for runner concierge services on a customer by customer basis