Until a time when COVID-19 related illnesses are in decline for 14 days, in-person weddings may be limited. Prices are based on location ranging from $40 to $275. Please contact me about your special circumstances. Virtual weddings are offered any day of the week. Pre-martial discussions are encouraged and not meant as a barrier but so we know each other better.

Virtual weddings ceremonies are offered in two forms: private or celebration. Both include optional virtual pre-marital sessions that can help you save on your marriage license. Both require mailing or delivering the marriage license to me before the ceremony. The private ceremony are pre-written ceremonies with just one location and me hosting at another location via video conferencing. Private virtual ceremonies begin at $40. Celebration virtual ceremonies include guests at other locations or include ceremony customization begin at $80.

Clients from the fullness of the LGBTQ+ spectrum are welcome and enthusiastically affirmed. Religious, non-religious and interfaith, multi-faith, agnostic and atheist  wedding celebrations.  Previous marriages, kids, living together, families formed in alternative ways — all welcome.

I’m also available for teaching and speaking engagement virtually.

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