Until a time when COVID-19 related illnesses are in decline for 14 days, in-person weddings may be limited. After initial decline outdoor events should be limited 25 people including those getting married and vendors for outdoor venues and 10 or fewer people for indoor. Social distancing, limited travel and masks should be encouraged. Indoor weddings are only by special circumstance and should include open windows or extra ventilation where possible. Prices are based on location ranging from $40 to $375 within the DFW area and $500 for further distance or large events. You can reserve your small attendance outdoor or zoom virtual wedding online. You can also choose to schedule a free consult or pre-marriage session online. Please contact me by text about any special circumstances. Virtual weddings via zoom are offered any day of the week. Pre-martial discussions are encouraged and not meant as a barrier but so we know each other better.

Virtual weddings ceremonies are offered in two forms: private elopement or celebration. Both include optional virtual pre-marital sessions that can help you save on your marriage license. Both require mailing or delivering the marriage license to me before the ceremony. Private virtual elopements with no guests begin at $40. Celebration virtual ceremonies that include guests which are coordinated by me, the people getting married or another professional in coordination with me begin at $80.

Clients from the fullness of the LGBTQ+ spectrum are welcome and enthusiastically affirmed. Religious, non-religious and interfaith, multi-faith, agnostic and atheist  wedding celebrations.  Previous marriages, kids, living together, families formed in alternative ways — all welcome.

I’m also available for teaching and speaking engagement virtually.

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