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Elopements are just as important

COVID-19 has helped us all realize what is most important to us. An elopement or microwedding is not less than a venue wedding. In fact, it’s more. It’s more intimate and it’s most definitely about those getting married.. These two lovely people allowed me to preside at their wedding in an idyllic spot. While both partners have very busy academic and professional schedules, it … Read More Elopements are just as important

Scottie Fox and Grey Hare wed

Wedding of Fox and Hare was on a Sunday afternoon in February. It was a surprisingly hot sunny day with clear skies, right after the harshest of winter storms in 40 decades. The original date – valentine’s day would have been during a huge snowstorm storm, we re-shuffled the day because of the weather. They chose Valentine’s because Hare had Monday off work so … Read More Scottie Fox and Grey Hare wed

Quick Make It Legal

I do quick make it legal ceremonies in the Burleson, TX area but I do think ceremonies are important. Every wedding is important and special. These two wonderful men have been together sixteen years. They unfortunately had to re-schedule their original date but I am so glad they called me again. We still were able to have a touching ceremony in Old Towne Burleson.


Courthouse Alternative Wedding Ceremony

These two amazing grooms scheduled their wedding ceremony for just a few minutes after their wedding license waiting period was up. They could have easily paid for a judge at the courthouse to legally join them in matrimony. Instead they allowed me to be their officiant and celebrated with their friends in a ceremony designed just for them. I spent time getting to know … Read More Courthouse Alternative Wedding Ceremony