Wedding Rehearsal – Who Runs it? How Long? What happens?

Here’s the scoop on wedding rehearsal and commitment ceremony rehearsals: Who Runs it? It sort of depends so check with your officiant and coordinator to see if it’s included in their services. In general, the officiant is in charge of the ceremony rehearsal because they know worship order but they are in the wrong place in the room to cue people during processional (coming in) you’ll need a coordinator or an assertive friend for that part if the venue doesn’t provide a coordinator to help. The rehearsal is often a coordinated effort between the officiant and coordinator. The coordinator is going to be able to help with where everyone stands, what moment during the music people enter etc that the officiant can’t see or do from their location in the room. Coordinators and planners also have ideas about details and perspective that simply won’t be on the officiant’s radar. Still the officiant knows the tone and flow of the overall ceremony. It’s their show so to speak.

How long? About 15-20 minutes, but allow up to 30 minutes if there’s a large wedding party. What happens? Everyone finds out where they stand. Go thru the major parts of the ceremony. Not the details though, you want to save that for the wedding day. Practice recessional (going out). Then practice processional (coming in). Then the end. Repeat. Then you’re off to your rehearsal dinner.


I had a great conversation with Gil from . Take a look I love how transparent his inclusion is on the website.

Public statement weddings

I celebrated the formal union of a bi-national couple who long ago declared their intention to marry. Their family of choice enclosed them in love as they stood outside the courthouse. Putting that marriage license in the mail was a wonderful feeling.

Small private weddings

I was so happy to be able preside over the Texas wedding of a beautiful couple who had previously exchanged vows w friends.

We made it Texas official with family members from a horse trailer at the Circle A Ranch.


Memorable moments

I appreciate being able to be in the important moments of people’s lives. Here I am in a moment of celebration as people make announcements prior to pastoral prayer.


Marathon Weddings

Melissa officiated weddings at Dallas White Rock, Turkey Trot and more. She’s appeared in local print, radio and television as well as Runners World Magazine.